Our Advantages

Rongxin promises enamel bathtub and enamel kitchenware that is high quality and durable as well as services that are fast and affordable.

Main Advantages

1. Lightweight Products
Whether bathroom or kitchen supplies, the bottom blank used by Rongxin is made of high-quality steel which is lightweight, but strong. Compared to the same size of a cast iron bathtub (150kg) or iron plate bathtub (20kg), our products are durable while being lightweight and keeping manufacturing and shipping costs low.

2. Glossy Surfaces
We use a fine glaze for our enamel products, and apply several layers of this coating so the finished product has a bright and vivid color which won't easily fade.

3. Customized Products & Fast Delivery Cycle
With more than 20 years of experience, we design and develop a wide variety of customized and OEM enamel products. We also keep many of our most popular ceramic products in stock at our warehouse for fast delivery cycles and provide quality customer support.

4. Low Manufacturing Costs
As a high-end ceramic product manufacturer, we provide wholesale prices directly to customers and work to provide convenient and affordable shipping while maintaining quality.

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